Land And Sea


Here’s a sneak peak of our amazing photoshoot from Friday! We drove out to the Salton Sea and dressed our model, Bella, in gorgeous jewelry handmade by the one and only Tawnya Proctor of Noni Love Designs. More professional photos to come!!!

Box Head


It’s always a bummer to get the sad/freaking out text with attached photos from a client who just decided that she wanted a “refresher” at home….the scary words of “I USED A BOX COLOR”! Color correction, indeed! When Julia first came in, she was as close to black as Hair color gets with a hint of eggplant purple…the goal was a rich Red! I unfortunately don’t have a before picture from when she came in, but right after I used Pravana Artificial Hair Color Extractor, I made sure to snap a photo. I proceeded to mix up her desired formula, knowing to use 2-3 shades LIGHTER than the desired level since the previously used extractor soaks up color like a sponge! Between a few foils of direct pigment Vivids in Red, I pulled a mixture of Pravana red colors from scalp to ends, let her process with no heat, washed, cut, and styled, and Viola! Beautiful, rich Red! Julia is so much happier and as she left she said, “I have learned my lesson!” Good thing :)

West Coast Bride


Before relocating to the East Coast, Kristy had to get married on the coast where her heart lives, right here in sunny San Diego! Considering Kristy’s hair is very long and incredibly thick, I knew I would have a wonderful time creating a fun and elegant style for this beautiful bride! After completing Kristy’s ‘Big Day Do’, I had the joy of also doing her gorgeous moms hair!

I had so much fun with these lovely ladies! I am so honored I got to share this special morning with these gorgeous heads of hair!

Whoooo Arrre Yooooou?!


Here’s Rachel again flaunting some vibrant Vivids! She was going to dress up as The Cheshire Cat and absolutely had to match her hair to her fuzzy ears for the next Rave she would be attending! After mixing many Pravana Vivids including Light Pink, Magenta, Coral, dabs of Wild Orchid, and pea sizes of Orange, we finally got the perfect bright pink she was looking for! Same goes for the Purple, adding lots of Violet, Lavender, Wild Orchid, Clear and a dab of Blue for richness, we created the two most perfect shades of ‘Technicolor Cheshire Cat’. After her perfect color was achieved, I followed the lines of the color and snipped away all of her excess locks to ensure we show off her Cheshire properly. Needless to say, Cheshire Rachel Cat rocked the party!

Julianne Moore Look-Alike

Katie came in wanting a refreshed look for her grown out Red color. After deciding she wanted a more Golden/Copper look with much more dimension, I formulated 3 different colors, Regrowth (Roots), Ends, and HiLites. I applied her Regrowth formula first, then the golden/Carmel HiLites, then pulled through her end color between the foils. Color along with A minor trim to keep her hair healthy and growing strong is all Katie needed to spruce up her style!
My favorite is the morning after text i received. In Katie’s words, “You are amazing! I am in love with my hair today, You’re a master! Thank you, Lovie! You Rock! XOXO.”


Cut It All Off!


Jackie came in ready to cut off all of her long locks with the hopes of donating it to Locks Of Love. Unfortunately because we have previously lightened (bleached) her hair, LofL won’t accept it. Good thing that didn’t stop Jackie from updating her look! We cut off about 11 inches of hair and gave her a sophisticated and versatile cut that she will be able to wear naturally curly, add curls, straighten, and still be able to pull back into a pony tail! Coco Chanel once said, ” A girl who cuts her hair Is about to change her life.” Boy, was she right! Jackie loves her new ‘do!

Rasta Me


Rachel requested ‘Rasta Hair’ for an event she was going to! After creating the perfect Red, Green, and Yellow using Pravana Vivids , I sectioned out her hair making sure to have the correct combination of colors next to one another. Starting with the red on the bottom left, working my way up to yellow and then the majority of her head in green. After coloring and RINSING only with cool water, I created an a-symmetrical cut to compliment our Rasta creation! Needless to say, Rachel was a hit at the party!